Our Story

We are a small batch coffee roaster using 100% organic, fair-trade Arabica beans. We use traditional roasting methods combined with the latest technology to create superb coffee.

In the beginning, water from two rivers flowing down the mountain slopes of northern Nova Scotia met at a place called Tatamagouche (Mi’kmaq for ‘meeting of the waters’). In this green, pristine environment, Meeting Waters Coffee was born.

Family Run


Established in 2016 we are a family run business in the small village of Tatamagouche, NS. We are passionate about coffee and want to bring our product to as many homes as possible. We believe in our products and the organizations we source them from. When we can give back to our community through coffee, we take every chance we get. We strive to make you feel as empowered as we do every morning with a cup of Meeting Waters Coffee!

We source and select either green Fairtrade, Organic, or Rainforest Alliance coffee beans. Our green beans are stored in a climatized area while they await being roasted. Our green beans ore ordered every three months to maintain freshness. We do our best to maintain one of the largest, in stock, origin lists in the Maritimes. Our beans are roasted in our 10 pound per roast, gas fired, Topper roaster. We typically roast 40 pounds of a particular roast at a time using only sight, smell, and sound. We find roasting like this creates more incredible flavors in each batch we roast. This method is also why we consider even our single origin roast to be blends. When a computerized roaster does a roast, it singles out a specific and single flavor profile. The way we roast embraces several flavor profiles of any single or multiple origins and still gives you the same consistency in every cup of coffee that a computerized roaster would. We do not use any computers or analytics in our roasting process, so we consider how we roast to be hand crafted and of premium quality.