Are you a cafe or restaurant looking for a wholesale supplier?

Look no more!! We have the ability to move large quantities of quality, small batch coffee beans. We have a variety of origins to choose from and all our coffee beans are fair trade and organic. Please contact us for a list of in stock origins and pricing for your venue.

Download Catalogue

Two seasonal coffees’ not in our catalogue are Harvest Blend that runs from September to November and our Holiday Blend which runs from November to January. If you’re interested in either of these blends, please contact us during the appropriate months. Two new products, also not in the catalogue are Cape John (Guatemalan) and The Enigma ( a yearly secret blend of two origins with 50% more caffeine ). These coffee spec sheets will give you a general idea of a particular coffee’s origin and its profiles. It should be known though that everyone’s palate is different and so profiles will vary from the ones provided in the spec sheets. If you or a customer ever has a question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.