Choose Your Perfect Bean

Are you a dark roast or a light roast fan?   You might assume that a darker roast means more caffeine, but it’s actually lighter roasts that have slightly more.


Light brown in colour, with a mild flavour.  These beans aren’t oily as they’re not roasted long enough for the oils to reach the surface.


Medium brown in colour with a stronger flavour than a light roast.  Non-oily surface.

Medium Dark

Dark, rich colour with some oil on the surface and a slightly bittersweet aftertaste.


Dark in colour with shiny black beans due to the oil reaching the surface.   Darker roasts result in less acidity.

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1818 Espresso$16.50$67.50

Medium/Dark Roast : Notes of citrus, cocoa and caramel


Medium Roast : A coffee roasted with the love of art at heart 🖤

Amet Island$16.50$67.50

Medium/Dark Roast : Sweet, blackberry, chocolate. Mild Acidity.

1777 Espresso$16.50$67.50

Medium/Dark Roast : Dark chocolate, hazelnut, citrus, lemon

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Contains a selection of 4x200g bags


Cape John$16.50$72.50

Medium/Dark Roast : Notes of tomato, citrus, cocoa and caramel.


Holiday Blend$16.50

Medium Roast : With a hint of warm cinnamon spice.

Crow’s Nest$16.50$72.50

Medium Roast :

Nutty, Chocolatey, Medium Acidity, Soft and Balanced

Titan Coffee$18.00

Medium/Dark Roast : Nutty, sweet, low acidity, cocoa

Branch 64$16.50$72.50

Medium Roast : Apricot, light and floral

Jamaican Blue$60.00

Medium Roast : Blue Mountain Mavis Bank Estate

Harvest Blend$16.50

Medium Roast : Pumpkin Spice

Sand Point$17.50$77.50

Medium Roast : Bergamot, blueberry, low acidity

Campfire Blend$16.50

Medium Roast :Marshmallows and chocolate

Blue Sea$15.50$67.50

Medium Roast : Nutty chocolaty flavour

Red Sky At Night$16.50$67.50

Dark Roast : Nutty and crisp, hint of molasses

Half Caff$17.50

Medium Roast : Mild and earthy

Main Street$15.50$67.50

Light Roast : Nutty, delicious sweetness, crisp acidity.


Medium Roast : Creamy, chocolate, nutty, citric acidity

Skinners Cove$15.50$67.50

Light Roast : Nutty, sweet chocolaty flavour


Medium Roast : Mild citrus flavour

French River$15.50$67.50

Dark Roast : Creamy, chocolate, nutty citric acidity.


Little House$16.50$72.50

Dark Roast : Bergamot, blueberry, mild acidity

Bow River$17.50$77.50

Medium Roast : Tropical, Citrus, Apricot

1710 Espresso$16.50$67.50

Medium Roast : Smooth, rich, almond, dark chocolate